"Who the fuck is Alice?"

About me



Name: Markét

Date of birth: June 27, 1988

Star sign: Cancer

Hobbies: apart from music...languages, hiking, dogs and other pets,travelling, sport...


Check out my music taste: https://www.last.fm/user/WolfishLady


...The first videoclip I saw some time ago..."Bleed The Freak" (Facelift)...and as you can see I fell in love with the band and with a soulful, poweful, "tortured" and unique voice of Layne Staley...

What do I especially like about his voice ( but I like Jerry Cantrell's voice as well! )? I could say the same thing as one of his fans: "You could hear the suffering. The pain. The depression. He expresses for me feelings so that I don't have to express them myself."

 ...And my favourite one - "Hate To Feel" - Rio de Janeiro 1993...(in fact I love all of them)...


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