"Who the fuck is Alice?"


Date 07/05/2013
By Stelio Contos
Subject help

I am doing a research paper and was wondering if you could tell me why I should trust this site.

Date 17/08/2013
By Peggy
Subject Re: help

.......it is a "fan site" (-: .......

Date 17/04/2013
By Jerry Alford
Subject Jerry Cantrell SR

I am trying to contact Jerry Cantrell Sr. He was a good friend of mine in the US Army at Ft Mcclellan Al and Ft Hood Tx in early middle 70s. Can you imagine the 2 of us in a WAC basic training Company? It was beyond wild and crazy. Her Jerry, can you put me in touch with your Dad?

Date 14/12/2012
By Layne Chavez
Subject performance

love u guys a whole lot. and i was wondering when u guys are going to perform in Phoenix, AZ. let me know when u guys are gonna head there.

Date 21/11/2012
By Florence
Subject all

Excellent site! Lots of information and interesting articles.

Date 11/04/2012
By ♥ Sarah 22 ♥
Subject android chat

♥ yes a free chatroom under www.supondo.com ♥

Date 21/11/2011
By Deanna
Subject Layne

I love AIC but, i really think layne felt lonely for a reason. I know how it is to have a family member addicted to drugs all you could do is be there and always have the door open for them but never release money to them. My daughters father was addicted to drugs and i never told her and i always knew that he loved her and one day he would seek help and he did and now they are working to better their relqtionship! I am happy for both of them.Herroine is a terrible drug and all i could say is it only takes one time and your hooked! I am sad to have read that layne felt so lonely!Nobody deserves to feel this way.

Date 05/09/2011
By Pedro Palazzo
Subject Grats

Realy good site. An reunion of all the band stuffs.

Tanks for that.

Date 08/04/2012
By Peggy
Subject Re: Grats

Thanks ;)

Date 01/08/2011
By Crystal Hampton
Subject Site

I love this place! Thank you for sharing it with us. You have done a great job! I am a big fan of the band and very partial with Layne. I miss him much and his death still saddens me. I can very much relate to the music because I have had my struggles with addiction and drugs for most of my life. I can happily say that I am recovering right now, hoping that I can stay clean for good this time:-)
I have added you to my favorites....Blessings~


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