"Who the fuck is Alice?"



Core, poem by Layne Staley




Self imprisonment

I suppose somewhere inside me

I yearn for freedom from

That which holds me stagnant

Over exaggeration

turns underestimated emotion...

Emotion. Why the urging to hide and

slow the flow of that which could,

And perhaps will, improve and

heal the burning side of me?

I am protecting my pain

And it's mine

And I so badly want to keep my

Pain to myself

But, in doing so, I am hurting

So many who cross me, or care for me

Aching for love and acceptance

Only to throw you down in the latter

Of your shared love

Yet anger and guilt not shared

Between me and you

Your are blamed for all

that is a mystery whithin myself

Oh, I pray that I might someday

Throw a blanket over that angry child

If the strength is found within the

Core of my being

His tears soak my heart and

Weigh it down

I am drowning, and I am tired

And so very, very lonely

I am

Written by Layne Thomas Staley



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