"Who the fuck is Alice?"

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Layne And Jerry On Rockline

Host: We have a call right now from somebody I believe you know,Jerry. This is Layne Staley from Alice In Chains. Layne, how are you tonight?
Jerry: Blanche !
Layne: Doin' good ! Hey, what was the words to that song? "brown stainer"?? What is that ?
J: Yeah, that's right !
L: I like that one !
J: How ya doin' , man ?
L: Alright !
H: Hey Layne, where are you tonight ? Where ya callin' us from ?
L: Um, I'm callin' from my home, in Seattle.
H: Oh you're up in Seattle, oh ok. Alright, now what was the nickname you used there, Jerry? Blanche?
J: Blanche.
L: Oh, Blanche.
H: Now Layne, is that a cool thing or not?
L: What's that?
H: Is that a cool thing for him to call you that or not?
L: Uh, I guess ... I ... I don't even recognize when he calls me Layne anymore, so ... Blanche is it! That sticks!
H: Oh man ...
J: He used to call me " Satan Hoof " along with many other things.
L: Satan Hoof, yeah.
J: That still sticks. I'm sitting here with my shoes off. It's pretty bad, too.
L: Then you guys know what Satan Hoof is.
H: Well, this might be a good thing that I'm in Los Angeles, and Layne's in Seattle, and Jerry's in
Cantrell...ah, Jerry Cantrell is in New York...
L: Jerry in Cantrell ...
H: Cuz Jerry's got his shoes off. We might be luckin' out, Layne, we might be on the better end of things here.
L: I think so !
J: I think you are !
H: Lemme ask Layne very quickly here ... what's goin' on with you ? What's up with you these days, Layne?
L: ( in a joking tone ) A bunch of stuff ! Yeah, huge things, yeah. ( normal tone ) Um, nothing right now.
H: But it's a really BIG nothin'! Realy gigantic nothin'. Have you heard Jerry's album?
L: Yeah, mm-hmm.
H: ( with these loud chomping noises in the background ) Okay, be honest, do the review while Jerry
mixes his Corn Nuts together or whatever he's doin' back there in New York City. What is that, Jerry?
J: I'm just chewin' on some ice.
H: Chewin' on, ah, chewin' on ice, okay. What do you think of the album ...
J: Actually, I don't wanna tell you what I'm REALLY chewin' on ...
H: Yeah, okay, yeah, we'll just pass on that. I've never heard him make that kind of noise before.
Yeah, uh ... what do you think of the album, Layne?
L: I love it. I mean, you know, it's Jerry. It's um ... you know, I'm used to the sound and it sounds like Jerry and I've always loved Jerry's songs, you know, so ... I like it.
H: Thanks for callin' and thanks for being on tonight. And good luck with whatever it is that you're up to these days.
L: Oh, you'll hear about it REAL soon.
H: I have a feeling we will. Hey Blanche, you're welcome on Rockline any time, too.
L: Alright, thanks!

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